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Regulations complaints


Introduction and definitions

This regulation applies to complaints about the professional conduct of on Diaspora Consulting Group (DCG Hereafter) associated professionals. It will become effective on November 27, 2014.

Under “DCG” in these Rules shall mean the Partnership and its Professionals.

Under ‘Complaint’ in these regulations means any written notice of conduct that may violate laws and regulations, professional conduct or agreements between DCG and complainant and that meets the provisions of Articles 1 and 2.

The term “complainer” means any natural or legal person who submits a complaint under these regulations.


Section 1

  1. Anyone who has a complaint about the way a professional tied to the organization of DCG (m / f) has acted towards him/her professionally, bores the responsibility to report the contested conduct towards the professional.
  2. If, subsequently, the complainer considers that the reaction of the person directly involved is not satisfied, the complainer may submit a written complaint to the DCG Complaint Commission. The complainer must file a motivated complaint indicating when and how the notification referred to in paragraph 1 has been done and what response is followed and the reasons why the complainer believes that this response is not satisfied. In the case the reaction does not meet these conditions, the complainer must indicate in a motivated manner why this was not the case.


Section 2

1.The Complaint must be signed and contain at least:
a. The name and address of the complainant;
b. the name of the professional whose conduct the complaint relates to;

  1. the date;
  2. a description of the conduct that the Complaint is directed;
    e. a description of the complaint dignity of conduct.
  3. Any documents that the complainer relies on must be submitted in copy attached to the Complaint. A clear reference (relevant sections) must be included in the complaint referring to the documents.
  4. If the Complaint is in a foreign language and a translation for the proper handling of the Complaint is required, the responsibility to provide a translation bears with the complainer.
  5. The Complaint may also include a proposal for settlement of the Complaint.


Section 3

  1. The Commission shall acknowledge receipt of the Complaint pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 2 and Article 2 in its complaint, filed in writing within ten working days.
  2. The Complaints Committee shall forward a complaint that should not have been addressed to the Complaints Committee or treatment which apparently another body has jurisdiction as soon as possible back to the Complainer. The covering letter shall state the reason for return.


Section 4

  1. The Complaints Committee is not required to take the Complaint:
    1. if it relates to professional practices that thereof, took place more than three years after discovery or more than six years prior to filing the Complaint;
    2. as long as the matter of the conduct which the Complaint relates to an investigation ordered by the public prosecutor or a criminal going on, or if the conduct is part of the investigation or prosecution of a criminal offense and in respect of that offense an investigation ordered by the public prosecutor or prosecution is underway;
    3. if the Complaint is not submitted in accordance with the provisions of Article 1 paragraph 1 to those directly involved and the manager of the cluster where the involved person is employed;
    4. if the complaint only regards a declaration.
  2. In case of failure to take the compliant the Complaint Commission shall inform the complainer as soon as possible but no later than four weeks after receipt of the complaint in writing.


Section 5

If the Complaints Committee takes the Complaint into consideration, it shall undertake a careful and proper treatment. An officer or officers who not have been involved with the conduct to which the complaint relates shall make the treatment of the Complaint. This officer will contact the complainer by telephone or in writing (by e-mail) to find a more detailed explanation of the Complaint.




Section 6

  1. The Complaints Committee will settle the complaint as soon as possible.
    2. The Complaint Commission shall inform both the Complainer and the professional whose conduct the complaint relates to, in writing and with reasons of its findings on Complaint.


Section 7

The Complaint expires once the complainer has expressed to the Complaint Commission, that the professional whose conduct the complaint relates to, has come to satisfactorily meet with its Complaint.


Section 8

The Complaints Committee is responsible for the registration of complaints.


Section 9

  1. Filing a Complaint and its treatment does not lead to interruption of statutory limitation or time.

Complaints to the Complaint Commission can be send to: DCG Complaint Commission
A. Reitsmakade 23,1060 RJ, Amsterdam