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Client Segments
[qode_accordion style=”toggle”][qode_accordion_tab title=”Financial Sector”]

In this category, we mainly include banks, insurers, pension funds, asset managers, intermediaries, exchange offices and casinos.

[/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”Business Services”]

In this segment, we include large and medium enterprises among which: department stores, export companies, trading firms, tourism companies, telecom companies, aviation companies, mining companies, distributors and industrial companies.

[/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”Non-Profit”]

In this segment, we mainly include charitable institutions, churches, foundations, school communities, government institutions and semi-governmental institutions.

[/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”Healthcare”]

The clients in this segment are mainly: hospitals, health insurers, clinics, health centers, shelters and retirement homes.